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The Client: SD Team
Industry: Sealants and Repairs
The Work: PR, Content and Social Media

SD Team

For over 50 years, SD Team have been the UK’s leading provider of sealants, repairs and finishing services, and we are delighted to work with them on their PR and digital marketing.

The Client

SD Team are a group of highly skilled and experienced sealants and cosmetic repairs technicians, working on a range of projects in the UK and overseas. They are trusted partners to a number of sectors, including the construction, marine and insurance industries.

Since its humble beginnings in 1973, SD has gone from strength to strength and over the past 50+ years has become recognised as one of the UK’s largest finishing groups, with nine offices across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Work

Front Door Communications has been working closely with SD Team for a number of years, delivering a range of digital marketing and PR campaigns as part of its wider marketing strategy. SD has been ahead of the curve in its marketing by recognising the value of SEO, content and social media long before it was the norm for the construction industry, and continues to look at new ways of boosting its presence and brand awareness both on and offline.

The Front Door team works with multiple members of SD, from senior leadership to on-the-ground technicians, on creating compelling case studies, project updates and business announcements that showcase everything the experts within the team can achieve and highlight the larger successes of SD to both its industry and potential customers.


Kind Words

“The team at Front Door really take the time to understand your business. They don’t operate a one size fits all approach and will work with you to develop the right approach to PR and communications. Whether it’s writing about cosmetic repairs, Junior Tour of Wales racing or your latest set of business results, they are able to turn their hand to anything and get results.”

Nick Jones

Managing Director, SD Group