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How do you deal with a PR crisis on social media?

By Beth Rees

When big news breaks, it first hits you not as a story or even as a headline, but as a hashtag. In a world where your business is at the mercy of the social media bandwagon, how do you contain the spread of bad news and handle a potential PR disaster? When the inhabitants of … Continued

Failed social media channels: In memoriam

By Beth Rees

It’s hard to remember when we weren’t glued to our smartphones or spending more time than we should be curating our idealistic digital lives. For some, that turning point came with the launch of Facebook or Twitter. For others, it began with befriending Tom, MySpace’s co-founder and virtual ‘friend’ to all on the platform. Since … Continued

4 steps to help you measure social media success

By Beth Rees

If you’ve been keeping track of our recent blog posts on the social platforms that will help you succeed in reaching new customers (and those that won’t), you’re likely well on your way to creating a winning social strategy. Utilising these tools is all well and good. Still, it’s a wasted effort if you’ve not put in the … Continued